Galangoor Duwalami Primary Health Care Service

healthy living,
healthy communities,
healthy future.

Our Values


Galangoor Duwalami Primary Healthcare Service’s vision is based on taking a holistic approach to addressing indigenous health and social inequities in Fraser Coast by maximising existing health services and connecting clients to appropriate and accessible programs.


The mission of the organisation is to ensure that all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the Fraser Coast have access to a range of culturally safe and comprehensive multidisciplinary primary health care through:

  • Providing leadership in the provision of health services to the Fraser Coast Communities
  • Operating a sustainable service with strong community and client support
  • Providing comprehensive multidisciplinary primary health care through our model of care.
  • Establishing and maintaining strong partnerships to deliver innovative approaches to service delivery.
  • Advocating for the communities in response to community health needs and trends