Galangoor Duwalami Primary Health Care Service

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Galangoor Duwalami Primary Healthcare Service has provided a comprehensive primary healthcare service to the Indigenous communities of the Fraser Coast.

This service has been through delivering services that have been based on client/patient needs and community health trends.

Through this process the service provided has been delivered through the following programs/team.

These programs/teams consist and include the following positions to ensure specialised services are delivered to the community which is part of a comprehensive Model of Care - 

Galangoor Duwalami Primary Healthcare Service provides a fully equipped health centre in Hervey Bay and also provides a medical outreach service to Maryborough. Galangoor provides a GP, Clinic Nurse, Indigenous Health Worker, Allied Health and health promotion services across Fraser Coast communities.

The medical clinic offers a bulk billing GP service, a chronic disease management team, a diabetes educator & dietician, immunisation, maternal & child health, men’s & women’s health, and Indigenous health workers.

Care planning, wound management, medication review and antenatal care are all available.

We also offer chronic disease support through the following:

  • Digital Retina (eye) Scanning
  • National Diabetes Support Scheme (NDSS) enrolment & advice
  • Asthma Support Program
  • Heart Disease prevention and management
  • Quality Use of Medicines (QMAX)
  • Indigenous Health Incentive through Closing the Gap Practice Incentive Payment (PIP)

This service operates from 9am til 5pm Monday to Friday. For an appointment you can call our friendly reception staff on (07) 4194 5554

After hours for emergencies call 000 or go to Accident and Emergency at Hervey Bay Hospital or Maryborough Hospital.

Transport is available for patients attending appointment with the clinic
Management of your Confidential Medical/Health Information
Your medical records are strictly a confidential document. It is the strict practice of this service to maintain security of your personal health information at all times and to ensure that this information is only available to authorised members of staff.

The Outreach Team is made up of a Community Liaison Officer, Chronic Disease Nurse and our Indigenous Health Workers. This team provides outreach clinical support to schools and to community events. The team also conduct school health checks to students at our Primary and Secondary schools within the Fraser Coast region. The aim of the Outreach Team is to provide early detection early intervention services and programs to other services, individuals, families and communities.

The Indigenous Chronic Disease Team consists of a Dietician, Diabetes Educator, Podiatrist and an Indigenous Health Worker. The team helps the client/patient to understand their health needs, advocate and provides clinical interventions, support when required. The team also provides early detection and early intervention to clients, family members and the broader community.

The visiting specialist services that are provided to client/patients are provided within the clinics and community. These specialist services are provided at Galangoor Duwalami once a month in partnership with CheckUp and the specialist. The services provided by specialists are as follows:

  • Paediatrician
  • Ear Nose Throat Specialist
  • Psychiatrist
  • Psychologist

The visiting Indigenous Diabetes Eyes and Screening Truck visits Galangoor Duwalami once every 6-8 weeks. This service provides a Ophthalmologist and an Optometrist to conduct assessment, screening and treatment to indigenous diabetic patients to prevent retina blindness.